Life Coaching 

© Snapshots by Jolene 2016

with Sarah Grace Nesbitt

“Hidden within your pain, darkness and despair is an invitation to cultivate a life of radical authenticity, freedom, and inner peace.”

-Sarah Grace Nesbitt-

I have a few questions for you:

  • Are you constantly worried about what other people think and feel?

  • Do you feel angry, jealous, sad, depressed, and yet yet have no idea what to do with “negative” emotions other than suppress or deny them?

  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed and anxious?

  • Is your life looking nothing like what you expected it to?

  • Are you knee deep in a relenting pain that no one can understand or acknowledge?

  • Do you feel as if you are stumbling blindly through the hardest period of your life void of tools or perspectives to assist you in moving forward?

  • Do you feel as if life is relentlessly cracking you open?

  • Do you feel easily affected by the moods of others?

If you answered YES! to any of these, then I welcome you, for I have known that pain intimately.


My name is Sarah Grace Nesbitt, and I’m here to help you cultivate a more loving relationship with all aspects of your humanity, embrace your unique radiant light, and gain clarity about who you are and what the radiance of your soul truly desires.

For just a moment, imagine:

  • Integrating a deep understanding and practice of self love so that you can live your most authentic life.

  • Living a life of freedom from internal judgement of self so that you no longer feel a sense of inner separation.

  • Experiencing a shift out of victimhood and into empowerment so that you can see life as your ally, not your enemy.

  • Recognizing the light and guidance that exists within you so that you can listen to and follow your intuition.

  • Harnessing the power of your feelings so that you can shift out of waiting and into living.

  • Cultivating a kinder, more compassionate relationship with all aspects of your being.

  • Unraveling from the expectations and dependency on others

  • Tapping into the creative feminine energy that is waiting to be birthed through you.

It is my passion to introduce you to a new approach of self love, a practice of recognizing every thought, feeling and emotion as worthy of your acknowledgment and love. 

Now is the time, the time to discover the catalyst of transformation that lies beneath your pain, the time to rekindle your light, and embrace the capacity that you have to be the parent, lover, and friend to the innocence of your own heart.ow know how to help you navigate through the storm.

Within the darkness of your crisis dwells the beginning of integration, offering you the opportunity to create an enriching relationship with all aspects your heart. As you

cultivate a more loving relationship with your humanity, you discover what it means to live authentically, and from there you become an unstoppable force in healing and tranforming this planet for the well being of all.

Email Sarah to arrange a coaching session today!


Individual Life Coaching Sessions:

First Session, 90 minutes, $125

Regular Sessions, 60 min, $95

Package of 3, 60 minute sessions $270 ($90/session)

Package of  6, 60 minute sessions $510 ($85/session)

Group Sessions:

$50/client, Maximum of 3 people in a session.