Kate Kane

Licensed Esthetician


Kate was born and raised in Michigan, and after 33 years in the same place, she felt ready for a change of scenery! She moved to Boise in 2018 and fell in love with the lively and supportive community, the foothills and the soul friendships that she formed. Kate started her journey as a healer in 2009 when she went to school for esthetics. This, plus struggles with digestive health and stress, led her on a path of holistic skincare. It became so clear to her how interconnected our systems are and how creating wellness throughout our mind, body and spirit is really what it takes to be holistically well. So she wanted to help bring more awareness of this and greater results to her skincare clients. From there she started learning energy healing and combined it with her facial treatments for a unique spin and greater levels of healing. She also became a life coach, helping women to radically love themselves, find self liberation and cultivate sacred partnership. Her intention is to help others access their true self and live a life of freedom and joy. Wellness is not only a hobby for Kate, but a way of life. It’s the air she breathes and what she knows best! When she’s not sharing her gifts of healing, she loves to play music with her boyfriend, dance, record her podcast, ponder the nature of reality, study metaphysics, ride bikes and take her doggo Effie Mae on walks.

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