PRENATAL YOGA CLASSES HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED FOR THE TIME BEING… Stay tuned for more classes in the future. If you have purchased a prenatal class pass, please contact the studio (208-914-0910) for a refund or apply the balance to a prenatal massage or something else at the studio. Thanks for your understanding!

 All Trimesters Welcome:

Please purchase a Drop in, 5, 10 or 20 class pass for Prenatal class

(No Groupon passes for this special class)

Join us for breath awareness, movement and relaxation to connect with your body and baby. Classes will provide a nurturing sequence for moms-to-be and chance to spend time with other women preparing for baby.

– prepare for a restful sleep, low back pain, strength and stamina

-Learn to modify and adapt your yoga practice to your changing body and feel comfortable to self-modify in other studio classes.

 (Groupon passes are not valid for Prenatal, but can be used in the other classes on the schedule)

Can I attend regular yoga classes while I am pregnant? Yes!

Please CLICK HERE to check out this article from Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Lisa Veronese for more information on how to modify your practice in normal classes:



Prenatal Massage available! 60 minute session – $60 (new clients $45)

Call to book your appointment 208-914-0910