Reiki with Brenda Pharaoh

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Reduce stress and calm your mind with Brenda Pharaoh – Usui / Shamanic Reiki master, energy therapist, clairvoyant medium and spiritual counselor. Her 90 minute Reiki treatments ($139) include a 30 minute consultation. Messages from your angels, spiritual guides and loved ones who have passed are often revealed during the session.
As a holistic health professional with a lifelong dedication to spiritual growth, Brenda will help you reach beyond the realm of physical reality to release psychological blockages, relax your mind, ease anxiety and reduce physical pain. You will then begin to feel stronger, gain more self-confidence, vibrate on a higher frequency, enhance your relationships, feel better about yourself and the world around you, and ultimately experience a total spiritual transformation. Read more about Brenda’s background and her Reiki sessions on her website: Please contact Brenda by email to set up an appointment:

 Price per session:

90-minute Reiki Energy Treatment/Clairvoyant Reading- $139

Sacred Health Jewelry: Malas by Brenda

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Natural crystal healing Mala bracelets, charged with Brenda’s Reiki energy, are also available at Body Calm. Each bracelet is handmade with love and comes with a description of the mineral’s healing capacity. Subtle vibrations inside the crystals work with your own body’s chemistry to infuse you with feelings of well-being, confidence, strength and purpose, or to attract love, luck and money. Prices range from $68 and up.