A class that walks students through basic poses and ties in breath work as well to gives a good foundation to new yoga students. Learn to move with your breath, to increase flexibility, stamina, strength and balance. Poses are broken down and explained, questions are welcomed. Come and see why yoga is so fantastic! Beginners and beyond!

LEVEL: 0 - 1 (M)

This class is designed to be accessible to EVERY BODY! Welcome beginners, older adults, those with tender joints or limited mobility, or to students of all fitness levels looking to move more and stress less. This class connects breath with gentle movement and modified yoga poses to build strength, balance and increase flexibility. Props including yoga blocks, folding chairs and bolsters are used to add comfort and ease in poses. Each class ends with a relaxing meditation.


This class aims to unwind the mind, body from everyday stresses and stimuli. With a focus on connecting your breath to movement, this slower paced Vinyasa class has a long warm up, a few refreshing sun salutations and flows, and ends with deep stretching poses to help release tension from your muscles and joints. Set to calming music and ending with a relaxing and meditative Savasana pose, you might just float out of the studio!

LEVEL: 1 (G - M)

Enjoy a gentle flow practice that elongates the muscles and spine while creating balance throughout the energy system of the body. Create a feeling of relaxation through the breath as you flow throughout gentle postures feeling light and joyful. Transition into Restorative postures to gently allow the body to refresh and renew. Learn breathing techniques that will help to bring clarity of mind. Create space between thought in order to see the beauty and abundance in your life. Join Sharon for this positive and inspiring gentle yoga flow Thursday mornings at 10:00am!


This class acts as an introduction to Vinyasa yoga, using the breath to move from pose to pose. Taken at a gentler pace, the student has time to explore the poses that make up Vinyasa flow and to practice alignment, balance and strength-building.

LEVEL: 1 (M)

Vinyasa yoga focuses on linking breath to movement. Flow with intention through a series of poses that will work to increase strength, flexibility and balance. Modifications are offered as well as more advanced options for anyone who would like to explore them. Classes feature a warm up with sun salutations often followed by balance poses, back bending postures and inversions, ending with a relaxing Savasana. Vinyasa yoga is an active style, expect a lot of movement between poses. Best for students with knowledge of basic standing poses.

LEVEL: 2 (M - A)

Let stress and tension melt away and connect with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Restorative Yoga is a gentle healing form of Hatha yoga that is practiced with props to provide a supportive environment for total relaxation. Gentle poses create physiological responses, which are beneficial to your health and can reduce the effects of stress-related illness.The class is slow, deeply nurturing and suitable for all ages – particularly those with chronic pain or limitations.

NOTE: Space is limited in this class, please sign in online or call in advance to ensure your space.

LEVEL: 0 - 1 (G)

Calm your mind. Strengthen your body. Work to your edge. Laugh and enjoy Stretch, Strengthen, and Flow. Enjoyable and challenging class for all levels of yogis.

LEVEL: 1 - 2 (M - A)

Yin yoga is designed to maintain or restore mobility in the joints and deep tissues of the lower body. Yin is not a muscular practice. Long hold stretches promote mental and physical relaxation. Props are used to tailor the postures to individual body needs. A guided relaxation exercise concludes each session.

LEVEL: 0 - 1 (G)

Hatha is a moderate paced class, poses are accessible to all levels of students. Take the practice as deep as you like or learn to modify poses to make the most out of your personal practice. The class that will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed, stronger and ready to face the day!

LEVEL: 1 - 2 (M)

We feature a variety of yoga class styles for all levels of students. We have labeled them with class levels as a general guide to help you choose the style/pace of practice that you are looking for. As we change classes periodically, if you do not see your class below, check the descriptions on the live “Mind Body Schedule”.

(G) Gentle

(M) Moderate

(A) Active

Level 0 - Excellent for first time yoga and beginners.

Level 1 - A moderate pace, it is helpful to have attended a Level 0 course prior.

Level 2 - Moderate-active class. A familiarity with Sun Salutations is recommended. Balance and inversion postures offered. Options for more advanced poses.

Level 3- Advanced postures offered. Practice of inversions free in the room, arm balances and more.

Detailed class descriptions are noted above.

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